What Happens To Your Kids When You Are Arrested?

kids arrest bail

Several things can happen when a parent is in custody. In most cases, both the parents and the kids are caught unaware of the sad development. The arrest of a parent, therefore, causes a lot of untold suffering to both the parent and their children, especially if the parent is unable to secure a bail bond immediately.

It is therefore essential that any decision made by the law enforcers should be centered on the interest of the children first. The following can happen in such scenarios:

  • Child protective service
  • Spouse or second parent notification
  • Arresting culpable kids

Child protective services

If you are arrested in the company of your kids, it is advisable to contact the child protective service within your state. Alternatively, you can contact the department of children and family services for assistance. They will take care of your kids before they make a notification to your family, informing them of the new development.

Second Parent Notification

If the other parent is available and can take good care of the kids, the children’s protective service and the police will notify them of the arrest. They will then hand over your kids to them after consulting you. If the second parent is not available, your children may be handed over to your relative or a good caregiver.

child arrest bail

Culpable Kid’s Arrest

Your kids might be arrested alongside yourself if the officers find out they took part in the crime you are accused of. But this will depend on your children’s age and the extent to which they were culpable to the crime you are accused of committing.

In case you are arrested, and you need to get back to your kids, you should immediately contact a bail bond agent to help post a bail bond for you that will enable your quick release from jail.


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