What to expect if you have a probation violation?

violation probation

After an arrest, you may get released by posting a bail bond. After your case has been heard, a judge may grant you probation. There is a set of rules which you must adhere to when you are under probation. You may be required to make regular visits to your parole officer on some specified dates. Other rules may include avoiding alcohol and substance use, or contact restriction. The following are the consequences you will face if you choose to violate your probation rules:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Warnings
  • A fine and additional charge
  • Probation revocation or extension
  • Jail

Rehabilitation and community service

If you violate probation rules, a judge may order you to participate in community service as part of your rehabilitation. If you violate the rule of alcohol and substance use, you might be directed to attend rehabilitation programs offered by rehab centers. A judge might also order you to attend counseling sessions.

rehabilitation violation probation


You may also receive forgiveness and a warning from your probation officer if you violate the probation rules. However, this depends on the type of violation and whether it was your first time to engage in the breach. The probation officer may advise you on the consequences of violating the probation rules and help you to obey them.

Fines and new charges

You may be required to pay penalties for the violation. The amount of money in a penalty that you will pay will depend on the nature of the breach. Alternatively, you may be arraigned in court with a new charge if you violate the probation terms

Probation revocation or extension

The judge may decide to revoke your probation or extend the duration if you violate the terms of probation. If your probation is canceled, you may end up in jail to face new charges


This is the painful consequence of violating probation. If you violate probation several times, you may end up in jail. You will be subjected to stringent conditions before a judge grants you a bail bond.


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