Where does your bail money go?

bail money

When a loved one is under arrest and in custody, you will do anything possible to secure their freedom. You will post bail or secure surety bond from bail bond companies so that they are released from custody. So, where does this bail money go?

bail definition

Definition of bail

Bail is any form of collateral that is posted in court as a guarantee that once the defendant is out of custody; they will adhere to bail conditions and show up in court for the hearing of their case. The judge determines the amount to be paid in bail depending on the nature of the crime, flight risk, or dangers that the defendant may pose in the society, among other factors. Sometimes, the judge may set a higher bail amount, especially for serious criminal offenses so that they discourage bail for the defendant. But most people seek the services of a reputable bail bonds company to provide surety for the same.

After posting the bail money, where does it go?

The court will hold the bail amount awaiting the verdict and acquittal of the defendant. But in case he fails to show up in court, the defendant forfeits the bail amount and the court issues a warrant of arrest for the defendant. But a bail bondsman may request the court for additional time to search for the defendant, and bring them to court to avoid forfeiture. Bail bondsman companies hire bounty hunters who can trace the defendant easily because of their professional training in apprehending and arresting a fugitive. In most cases, after they bring the fugitive to the court, the bail bondsman companies cancel the bail, and the defendant is arrested and put to jail.

After the case is heard and the defendant is acquitted of charges, the bail amount is refunded back to the bail bondsman, or the defendant depending on who posted the bail. But in case of forfeiture due to violations of the bail conditions, the amount is distributed to various counties of the state, depending on the penal code rules.


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